Friday, 16 September 2011

(I Am) Iron Man

You can literally get your clothes ironed on the side of the road.  Dotted throughout our neighborhood -and the rest of the city - are little carts where men iron clothes.  It's basic, electric-free and poor.

Here's a typical cart, open for business.

How does the iron work if there's no electrical hook up?  We're talking baseball throwback jersey night, high hose, wool uniform, turn of the century, old school here.  We're getting biblical.  Bring on the (real) charcoal.  To the left, two irons filled and burning down as they heat up.  Our iron man shows how it's done.

Proudly showing the final results.  They do a good job.  Closeup of the iron getting hot and glowing.

The lovely details inside a cart.  It's inspiring that no matter how modest the circumstances are for the Iron Man, he was able to do something to improve his workspace.  Sometimes a junior helper is on hand to sort and fold.

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