Monday, 19 September 2011

A Trip To The Theosophical Society

Mind blowing.  The world headquarters of the Theosophical Society is located in Chennai.  We won't bore you with the details you can find here, but the society was started in 1875 in NYC and moved to Chennai in 1878.  It sits on lovely grounds that are worth visiting, especially to escape the bustle of the city for a bit.  Their motto: "There Is No Religion Higher Than Truth."  May these photos deliver on that proclamation (or something like that bad analogy).

The grounds are lovely, dotted with arches and flowering landscaping.

They claim to have one of the largest banyan trees in the world.  It's hard to judge its true size as the tree grows by spreading aerial roots across many acres.  Truth in advertising:  the photo on the right is of a different banyan tree.  It just takes a better picture.

Some fauna to go with the flora.  Live water buffalo roaming, terra cotta elephant heads hanging.

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