Monday, 5 September 2011

Meat Us In Chinatown

Maybe seeing so much butchery in one place was surprising because we don't see much cow cut up or fowl fillet in India.  Or maybe it was just the smell.  Which makes looking at smell-free, germ-free, view-at-your-own-convenience photos so satisfying.  No mess!  No calories!  No cholesterol!  (Alas, no taste...)

We dig the fancy plastic cummerbund he's wearing.  Wouldn't want the mess to get on you -- you have to draw the (blood)line somewhere.  You're never too old to slice fish heads.

The meatless meat?  Tofu?  Cheese?  Nah, give us more meat, ruddy, hanging and willing.

The finished products.  Will it be pork or peking duck tonight?

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