Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Meating Place

Or the Protein Shack?  India is largely a vegetarian country.  There are signs for "Veg" restaurants everywhere and all food items, whether on a menu or packaged, are required to have either a red (meat) or green (veg) dot on them for proper identity.  It's a nice touch for those who need to know.

If you want to buy meat, it's available, mostly from special shops.  Maybe it's not so special, but since it's mostly veg here, the occasional meat shop sticks out.

Meat is also separated by shops.  This sign is for a beef only shop.  The images remind us of old agricultural cow breed posters.

The word "Protein" is a standard identifier here.  On the left is a nice "Still Life with Tuk Tuk" image.  This shop proudly features chicken and mutton.  The pics on the sign look eerily like political buttons or the punk rock band buttons we used to wear.  What would offend parents more today, proudly donning a Sex Pistols (Never mind the ... bullocks... er, sorry) or chicken button?  (Mutton button?  Now we're getting somewhere....)

You gotta have pics of your merchandise, even if it drifts into petting zoo territory.  David Lynch would be proud of the floating chicken in the middle of the sign on the right.

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