Thursday, 1 September 2011

Laying A Trained Eye On Some Artifacts

We showed you the outside of KL's old train station.  How about the inside?

Sarah waiting on the platform.  Looks a little Parisian, oui?

Inside the lobby/waiting area, in addition to the usual ticket counter and snack store, they've created a little train museum.  If it didn't have a few labels and restraining ropes, you would have thought it was the set of Hoarders: Train Wreck.  

On the left, a lovely poster promoting the glamour of un-airconditioned travel.  A nice Art Deco train seat.  It definitely looks better than it feels.  

Don't be a nuisance!  In any language!  Being a former British colony, you'd expect some mighty Sheffield steel to be around.  And you'd be right.  A weighty (sorry) luggage scale from the UK.

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