Thursday, 8 September 2011

Striking Oil At The Science Museum

Petronas, the state owned oil company of Malaysia, created an interactive museum called Petrosains, The Discovery Centre.  Here's the mission statement:

The style and sequence of the exhibits in Petrosains trace the evolution of the petroleum industry and how the advancement of science and technology in the industry has tremendously improved the quality of life.

There's plenty of general science for kids to see and do, but the museum definitely steers you toward oil, as promised.  Take a look:

A model of offshore oil rigs.  A life-size mockup of one of the rigs.  Must a guy in a fireproof suit be the greeter?

Heavy metal.  Drill bits and more complicated tools.  Squint and you could be in the dental office for Paul Bunyan.

Our favorite room:  The sleeping quarters from the oil rig at Pompeii.  In case you forget where you are and why you came.

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