Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Government Museum, Bangalore

One of the oldest museums in India is located in Bangalore.  Constructed by the British and completed in 1865, the museum houses a classic mix of art, sculpture, antiquities and related bric a brac.  We'd show you some of the highlights of the collection, but photography was strictly prohibited.  For some reason, photography in any sort of government/municipal building in India is prohibited.  Too bad because there was a nice room of 12th century Hindu sculpture, a fair number of historical curiosities in the old coins and vases vein, and a nice collection of old musical instruments.

The building itself was nice and we were able to sneak a couple of interior shots.  It's rare to find such neo-classical architecture in India.  Enjoy:

The small building on the right is a cafe shack located behind the museum.  It's as if the museum gave birth.......

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