Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Topiary By Henry Moore

What would happen if noted English sculptor Henry Moore tried his hand at topiary?

On the right is a typical example of his work. Fluid, dynamic, elegant.  Sure, he could handle the prune and shape, the nip and tuck.  Why not?

It looks like the folks at Lalbagh Gardens looked to him for accidental admiration -- at least until their topiary creations grow in enough to enable more realistic shaping. Until that point, they're hosting an abstract, post-modern topiary festival.

The entrance to the garden.  T-Rex?  Giraffe?  Large Goose?  Bottle of ketchup?

A happy, blobby family.  It looks like the hand of Henry Moore on the left and a little inspiration from a "Hurt Locker" suit on the right.

We're open to any suggestions for the identity of the topiary in the photo on the left.  Anything...  An exoskeleton elephant.

Curious what happens when you take the "water" out of water buffalo?  A peacock(?) looking more like a blowup circus souvenir.

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