Friday, 14 October 2011

Streets Of Bangalore

With apologies to Buck Owens and his famous song.  As expected, the streets of Bangalore are as action-packed as other Indian cities.  While Bangalore certainly has its new high-tech areas and related new developments, the core city is the usual Indian visual-fest of energy and bustle.

Traffic -- the constant presence.  A typical look at the new existing alongside the old:  a young professional woman on her own moped, dressed in the traditional salwar kameez.

It looks rural (but not bucolic), but this wood-chopping enterprise is right in the middle of the city.  Note the bad-ass two-handled chainsaw.  Trash and cows, like peanut butter and chocolate...

The (re)cycling man (sorry, the pun was there for the taking).  Delivery mopeds for a restaurant.  Garlic must be a menu staple.

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