Thursday, 20 October 2011

Rocking The Bangalore Skyline

There's a nice rocky mount at Lalbagh Gardens where you get a good view of Bangalore's skyline.

The hill.  At the top is a watch tower built by Kempe Gowda.  It's a popular place to hang out, eat a snack and get your picture taken.

The view is lovely -- and from a certain angle, it looks just like a Robert Frank photograph.  Or at least that's James' comparison fantasy.


  1. found your blog while bloghopping, stayed to read after the B'lore references as I'm from there...the tower isn't called Kempe Gowda, it was built by him - there are 4, that mark the extent of Bangalore, which was his capital (late 16th century, if I remember my history correctly).


  2. Many thanks for finding our blog and being kind enough to provide a correction. You're right and it's also best not to trust guide books! Correction implemented. Enjoy more Bangalore posts and stick around for the rest of our two year adventure in India.