Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy ஹல்லோவீன் From India!

That's Tamil, in case you're boning up on your Dravidian languages. We jumped aboard the trick-or-treat train and handed out a lot of candy to a mosh pit of Consulate kids. Plenty of impressive costumes and bewildered eyes from the wee tots.

Our apartment door, with tombstones created by a friend's 11-year-old daughter. They become snarky so early now. Or is that from hanging around us?

A super hero with his super mom. A radiant pumpkin head.

A darling princess and her clown brother. Ghoulish monster parents with their angel daughter, pulling an identity switch, right, moms and dads?

Mama witch with timid bee. A lovely butterfly, graceful as expected.


  1. Very impressed by the tombstones and you guys had the best candy! Thanks for providing us ghouls with some treats worthy of pilfering while the "angels" sleep....

  2. Glad you guys had a nice Halloween! I enjoyed my sweets for Diwali. Rasmallai and basan ladoos. :)