Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Carnegie Deli Of Bangalore

It might be a stretch of a comparison, but Bangalore's Mavaili Tiffin Room certainly carries similar gravitas as a traditional, longstanding establishment in its own city. Housed in a nice Art Deco building, the Tiffin Room is a simple affair featuring an open kitchen, waiting area and a couple of rooms of tables.

Families pack the place for the multi-course veg meal that's served and consists of a variety of small dishes. A sort of old tapas bar where they bring you tons of plates. The food isn't unique or extravagant. But in a rapidly changing society, full of street stalls that come and go, the tradition of the Mavalli Tiffin Room is known and the locals seek it out.

The Deco front entrance. The master of ceremonies, the lungi leader, the powerful name taker. Tell him you're there and then take a seat. He reminded us of the famous Maitre d's at Joe's Stone Crab back in Miami Beach.

Families patiently waiting for the next 15-top to become available. The little "Waiting Hall" sign on the wall is a nice touch in the room. The kitchen, filled with plenty of steel containers, a sure sign you're experiencing a tiffin meal.

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