Sunday, 27 November 2011

Windshield Madness

For some reason, motorists in Penang are in an arms race to plaster various ads on their car windshields.  It's as if the bumper stick migrated. Corporations must be pleased with the free ad space.

Throw enough on your vehicle and people might think you have a NASCAR-like sponsorship. Are the Slurpee folks going to finance college? We doubt it. Is a car windshield a not-so-subtle modern dating outlet?

There must be more to these Drive-Thru stickers than just blind fan affiliation. A little research uncovered a vague free monthly offer or something, provided a minimum is spent. Are some fries worth turning your car into a rolling sandwich board advertisement?

So....why are you driving a car with this sticker on it? Finally, still sweeping Malaysia, Angry Birds.

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