Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Kidding around for Thanksgiving

Just because we're overseas doesn't mean we ignore U.S. holidays. Quite the opposite, as traditions from home become important connections to a culture left behind. We seem to overcompensate for the lack of Party City stores and Christmas tree farms, carting piles of decorations to post or ordering them weeks in advance. You saw how we did a good job re-creating Halloween in Chennai.

The consulate does community outreach typically done at holiday time, too. Last weekend, a number of Foreign Service Officers and local Indian staff helped out at a Chennai church that hosted 100 local orphaned children for a South Indian version of a Thanksgiving meal.

The event was a chance for consulate families to entertain and play games with the kids and then serve them a hearty lunch. Fun was had by all.

Some of the guests of honor, in their school uniform best. Adorable.

There was face painting and a juggling demo. The (art) pen is mightier than the sword?

Good girls and a bad boy. Hamming for the camera is a universal gift. Playing a little hide and seek.

Filling goody bags. After all the fun and running around, time for the cross-cultural Thanksgiving lunch.


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    1. Boys black socks and shoes
      Girls white socks and shoes