Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Reading On The Job

We grabbed a Tuk Tuk in Bangalore and experienced two interesting sights.

The first was a flat out miracle:

Sarah smiling in a death mobile Tuk Tuk? No (although a rare occurrence). The miracle is the meter, as in on, working, ticking, abided by. No one ever uses the meter. No wonder:  the total fare was a third of what we would have paid had we settled for haggling/estimating.

The second sight was our driver multi-tasking. Here he is, stuck in traffic, boning up on the day's news. It wasn't a quick glance.  He had oodles of time before we would move again and he came prepared. There's probably an Apple-like new category invention somewhere in this paradigm. iTuk reader?


  1. An auto driver in Chennai turned the meter on for me once but it started at 50 INR. I asked him to turn it off.

  2. Love the shrink wrap on the meter!