Monday, 21 November 2011

Pink Elephants

As we've mentioned, Hindu temples and shrines are everywhere and come in all sizes, from tiny wall shrines to huge complexes. If you lined up a sampling, you'd have a veritable Russian Matryoshka doll.

Since Hindu temples are self-financed affairs, there's a wide variety of designs that seem to be the result of the whims of the owner(s).

Here's a typical example of a neighborhood temple. Someone thought pink was the way to go.

It's all in the presentation and showmanship (and creative cropping). Here's what the room looks like. Rather nondescript or maybe the outrageousness of the stage makes anything pale in comparison.

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  1. I love pink :)
    I was just at the Museum of Art (Balboa Park) the other day, and at the East Asia section, it was the Indian/ Parkistanian art collection that caught my eyes. Then on the screen display at one of the corner, I saw the most beautiful temples I've ever seen - they are all pink! If I remember correctly, it's the temples in Jaipur, the Pink City :) I wonder the origin, or story behind that color...I also wonder statistically how widely is pink being used else where?