Friday, 11 November 2011

Parcel Person

In downtown Chennai, the streets become narrow and impossible for big trucks to navigate. Shops are still overflowing with items. So how does all that stuff move around? No matter, man (and animal) power are ready to fill the void. FedEx need not apply.

Boxes are piled high, moved around by all possible means. If your vehicle has wheels and fits down the street, it's useful.

The smaller the street, the smaller the hauler. The final leg: human hauling.

The smallest of the wheeled haulers: bicycle. The usual dichotomy: old world delivery, new world communication.

The oldest of the haulers: ox. Finally, looking straight out of an old roadshow movie about far-off lands, check out the perfect package props, complete with burlap covering and big, bold handwritten instructions. It doesn't get simpler than "to" and an old-school Madras destination. 

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