Saturday, 12 November 2011

Fake, Fabulous Flowers

Back home, plastic flowers are an open secret of bland office interiors, food courts and similar areas that are either agriculturally-challenged or the domain of lazy landlords. But in India, flowers are so important to daily living and expression that an imitation substitute is a standard option. And their use may be another accidental example of a greener solution than importing and trashing tons of flowers, as is done in the US.

We've shown you one example of flower importance.

Here's a typical place to get fake flowers. There's no subtle soft sell in what they offer. And the offerings look pretty decent.

Walking into the store brought on the feeling of entering some sort of technicolor, orgasmitronic, 3D, Timothy Leary wonderland. The women in their equally colorful saris pushed the experience to 11.

If the wall o' flowers didn't do it for you, start diving into the bins of raw supplies. Crazy!

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  1. If you posted the photos without explanation one would be hard pressed to know these are fakes. impressive.