Friday, 28 October 2011

Rabbit At Recon

With the number of rabbit photo opportunities available here in India, we're beginning to feel like we've morphed into John Updike.

No rest for these rabbit chasers.  In case you're new to this blog, rabbit posts have bred like, well, you get the circular reference.  Our first rabbit post is here and the second one is here.

They're still cute, just like the guy on the right, now with a jumbo pouch.  He was hanging out at the Lalbagh Gardens, pretending to collect trash.

Or perhaps he was there as a diversion while his partner was.....

.....doing some heavy, deep cover reconnaissance work.  Beyond our silly, sleuth friend, there was other amusing action unfolding.  Indians love blondes, especially cute blond kids.  Since blond is a rare sight here, the cameras come out to capture the moment.  And then another camera comes out to capture what might seem rare to someone else....


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