Monday, 2 January 2012

Mannequin Madness

Maybe it's been so long since we've shopped in American malls or boutiques that we haven't stayed current on the mannequins being used, but the ones we ran across in Penang seemed to be a bit on the strange side. Maybe stores get a mishmash of mannequin over-runs and cast-offs from around the world? The variety on display certainly is entertaining.

Some mannequins have a vintage 50's and 60's look to them. Others get the 70's disco treatment.

Perhaps a David Bowie, circa "Golden Years" hairdo? Why not? Maybe you're into a bit more reality, say a Katie Holmes looking model.

Or let's go with a cartoony, crazy smile with matching hair. Or a step further with a rainbow 'do, paying homage to that rainbow wig guy at sporting events.

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