Monday, 23 January 2012

Boy(s) Scout(ing)

It sounds so glamorous: scouting for a big Hollywood production. Except the project isn't so big, we're not in Hollywood, and the glamor never made it onto the plane that took you to the shoot. It still beats an office cubicle. So what does a typical scout look like?

A scout usually starts off exciting: seeing where you'll be shooting, taking in all the action. Trucks! Scenery! Then you stand around and wonder how far away the bathrooms are going to be.

Then you see some other areas. And more areas. Time to check your messages because this scout is getting boring. Then you make a phone call. In the middle of nowhere. "Can you hear me now?"

Then you get a little desperate and start looking in areas you shouldn't be looking. If the road stops, perhaps you should also. Finally, you retreat to a local lunch place, starved and in need of a Dr Pepper. That's a typical scout day.

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