Tuesday, 17 January 2012

When (Super) Duty Calls

James returned to the United States recently to work on a Ford Super Duty truck project. In case you're not familiar with what James does, he ran away with the movie business circus about 20 years ago, and today he keeps busy working on commercials and Internet media projects.

James has done several jobs for Ford, including a nice project that puts a Ford F150 pickup with a fancy new engine through a gauntlet of tests. Check it out.

Fresh on the Internet is a new project, this time for Ford's big boys, the Super Duty class of truck. Here's the new site. Check back for more chapters in the coming months. And check here for some behind the scenes photos of the job and collateral scenery.

The first stop was Kansas to follow around the hard working people who service oil pumps and related machinery.

The hero truck. This bad boy hauls oil pumping rig machinery around like it's small erector set pieces. James and the producer, Sal Lumetta, all smiles. First morning, first shoot day naivete.

A typical vintage oil pump. They service this equipment, most of it originally put in place in the 1920's.

Who says lunch is boring? Our new friend, a rattlesnake, came to see who invaded his field. So we shot him (for the film, please!). A pumping rig being installed. Can't beat the location and the weather.

Digging an electrical trench to a new well. The new well location with another one of our Ford heros. A big boy indeed.

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  1. Hey my shot of the Rattlesnake made it into the cut!