Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lovely Lorries

The trucks in India are no different from a lot of the other forms of transportation: they get personalized, too. Corporate logos are out; personal expression is in. Yellow is a popular body color and certain phrases are everwhere.

A typical truck, side and front. We love the sweet butterfly on a tough truck. Nothing like a couple of snappy slogans to announce what you do and your place on the highway. As Hank Williams said, "move it on over."

A couple of custom truck fronts. Nothing like some 70's Chevy van fringe. Eyes on vehicles are big in India, as if you're being stared at by a living thing.

The backs of trucks seem to require a "Sound Horn" warning. Then it's a blank canvas for Ganesha, swirls, anything that inspires.

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  1. Do most people speak english? Or is is just for the Americans taking pictures?