Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Bounty From The Bay Of Bengal

Chennai is a coastal city (but you already know your geography), so we get to reap the spoils of the nearby sea. Off to the fish market!

Such as it is. You can head over to the beach area and peruse what the vendors have to offer. Soak in a little of the sights, inhale a lot of the smell. It's all worth it for the variety and freshness of the day's catch.

The chaotic scene at the beach. "A kilo of shrimp for the boy!" the lady pleads. Here in India, they love the little blond children.

The seasoned vendor. The cool customer.

The queen of crab. Doing the daughter's hair, waiting on the squid customers.


  1. Great photos! What did you have for dinner?

  2. Crab, of course- and you'll see more details in future posts.