Thursday, 12 January 2012

Mr Potato Head, Enforcer

There are a handful of Neighborhood Watch-style signs in our neighborhood.  They're designed to be friendly and catchy. Somehow Mr. Potato Head was chosen to play the role of Officer Friendly.

This sign on the left with Ronald Reagan shaking hands with some sort of Rockford Files-era office manager says that if you go away on vacation, you should ask your neighbor to watch your place.  Just for the obvious record, no one and none of the houses in Chennai remotely look like the images on the sign. Clipart is a wonderful thing.

The sign on the right is a recommendation to install a "box lock with a long key" for added security.

Mr. Potato Head is warning about home invasions in the left sign.  He says to keep your windows closed, while you're sleeping. And if you choose to sleep on the terrace, please be careful.  Finally, the sign on the right warns women who are being followed (or if you witness this activity) to inform the police, AKA Mr. Potato Head.

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