Monday, 12 December 2011

Cookie Monsters

Tis the season for parties and a sugar-fueled doozy was held yesterday in Chennai. Time for a traditional cookie exchange shindig, complete with a session of sugar cookie decorating. Everyone came, loaded with supplies and grand plans.

The scene. Part Last Supper, part kids flash mob. Parents need to stop doling out cell phones to 5 year olds who are organizing these mash-ups. A peek at the frosting factory.

The All-Star team has been assembled. Gentlekids, start your decorating! That's decorating! Not supply eating!

OK, now we're getting the hang of it, spreading the sweet stuff. A decorator with a tray of her fine, finished products. Yummy!

Thanks to Anne Claire and Alexis for hosting the merry mayhem -- your kids have great moms.

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