Saturday, 25 August 2012

IHOP (Indian House Of Paratha?)

Breakfast can be had on every block in India and the trusted staples are always available. First, order a south indian coffee and then it's just a matter of deciding how many idlis you want to wolf down before heading to work.

A typical street side stall with the usual breakfast offerings. That newspaper on the wall isn't for reading. Stay tuned....

Deep frying pori. Filling a bag with coconut chutney. Plastic bags are used instead of more expensive containers.

The mighty idli man, steaming another batch. A foundation at breakfast, idli is a savory mixture of rice and lentil paste formed into a cake and then steamed. It's then eaten with a selection of sauces (sambar) and chutneys.

Before and After: Idli and savory lentil doughnut-like items called medhu wada ready for wrapping. All tied up and everywhere to go, using that old newspaper hung on the wall, of course.

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