Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sari Shopping

We saw how Saris are made, now it's time to see how they're sold. Kanchipuram is famous for Saris, so let's go take a look. Who doesn't like playing the naive customer?

A beautiful, hand-painted sign invites us in. The education begins. A few Saris come out and the finer details are expertly explained.

Uh oh. Just a couple of minutes later and we're swimming in Saris. They're coming so fast, we may have to just buy one to stop the onslaught. It's all part of their plan, kill them with kind Saris. Then there's the poor gentleman in charge of refolding all the discarded Saris, a non-stop job.

Wow, it's impossible to decide. All the Saris are beautiful, so rich in color, complex in design, overwhelming in variety. The gold featured in most of the designs is on purpose as these are high end, wedding, big event Saris. You need to look dripping rich.
Ok, buying the Sari isn't so difficult, once you've narrowed it down to a hundred or so. But how do you tie the precious thing? Hey, it comes with a manual!


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  2. One of my most fun shopping days thanks to James, Sarah and Ali! Tony

  3. And fantastic gifts for all the family - since I flew threw Dubai and Mary insisted that I "Do Buy"