Monday, 20 August 2012

India's Right Time Is The Nighttime

With apologies to Ray Charles' great song. India doesn't just roll up when the sun goes down. Far from it. With the heat beating down all day, getting out under darkness for a little shopping and eating is a must.

Without standard, bright street lights to even out the exposure, towns can take on a noir-ish look. The mood is not too far removed from classic movies like Touch Of Evil. Not that anything rough is going on, it's just more mystery, less bland, suburban strip mall-looking.

A typical scene, an open store. Or is it?

Public and private blend together. A doorway leading right into a living room where a family is tending to someone ill, on the bed to the left. Women out, selecting tasty items at the deep fried munchy stall.

The metal man, a lock and a pot for sale. A group of guys. Always a multiple in India.

A tag team vendor hawker pair. A woman behind her street cart.

Passing time at the Chemists shop.

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  1. I will never in a million years convince my husband to bid on India, but MAN do I want to visit. Thanks for posting.