Monday, 27 August 2012

Jaw-dropping Carvings At Jalakanteshwara temple In Vellore

The Jalakanteshwara temple in Vellore is a sublime example of Dravidian architecture, prominently featuring two lovely gopurams, finished in understated beige instead of the usual riot of painted color. They're a nice contrast to what you see at a lot of similar temples. The monkey is also there, looking serious.

The real find at the temple is an open air, side pavilion. At first it doesn't appear to be much, just a literal sideshow to the main complex. Men use it for relaxation.

Upon closer examination, the stone carving work is incredible. High relief is an understatement. Columns are covered in whole action scenes. Animals, gods, battles, all depicted in great detail and emotion. Can you carve a warrior riding high on an elephant? How about men killing a big cat? No CGI - amazing!

Our favorite frieze, the classic optical illusion. See the elephant? See the water buffalo? Blink, repeat and enjoy.

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