Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Getting Your Camel On In Oman

What's the Middle East without a couple of camel sightings? They're not everywhere (when was the last time you saw a cow while driving your local freeway?), but get yourself out of the cities and towns, keep a lookout and camels will appear. You gotta pull over for a closer look.

Hello camel!

James, on the prowl. Snap.

"Oh hi, you looking at me?" Time for a quick portrait with a couple of camels.

The ancient and the modern, forging a coexistence. Priceless.


  1. One of the things we desperately wanted to get before leaving post in Oman was a camel crossing sign, but we never found one for sale. Love your pictures!!

  2. The camel crossing signs are great. We, too, didn't want to leave Oman without something to remind us of the signs. We ended up getting a nice, small, metal magnet version of the sign at the airport. Cute!