Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Women's Souk, Ibra

Every Wednesday in Ibra the main souk opens a special section that welcomes women to come and shop. It's basically clothing and housewares day with piles of garments and home items available. Leave the macho stuff like food shopping to the men for the rest of the week.

With a desert landscape as desolate as Oman's, there aren't many chances to flash some color. Muslim restrictions on dress are another impediment, but these women seem to be snagging the opportunity to add a little flash to their lives.

A vendor about to unload his packed truck. Buying fringe and colorful border material.

The youngest generation, helping grandmother with her shopping.

Items for the home. Those white things in the arches of the home store are florescent lights.

Burka shop to please Henry Ford - any color as long as it's black (but with plenty of accent embellishments). Alas, now a universal teaching tool, Angry Birds as child table chair set with alphabet graphics. Oh brother.

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  1. I love that I can armchair travel to all these amazing places via your blog! The shot of the child is such a great capture.