Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Ghalyas Museum of Modern Art

There's an oddly-named museum down by the old souk in Muscat. For some reason, it's called a museum of Modern Art, but the main attraction is a series of old rooms. There's probably modern art in a gallery somewhere, but we didn't see any works. What we did see was charming and educational, a nice, tangible look into old Oman.

How old? In a country as new as Oman, the historical rooms give you a look back to ancient life starting in the 1950s and rocketing to 1975. Life is moving fast in the country, time to preserve it before it's gone.

Wind your way through the old paths of Muscat and onto the little museum, undergoing a mural installation when we visited.

Rooms show an unassuming lifestyle with minimal conveniences and a handful of family heirlooms.

A sedate sewing area.

More keepsakes and a basic bedroom.

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  1. Are the women in the top right creating some "modern art" for your viewing pleasure?