Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Shipbuilding In Sur, Oman

Sur's existence is because of the sea and its bounty. There's maritime history there and still an active fishing community. The town is famous for the finely-crafted wooden ships it produces and it's one of the few places around that still hand-builds the vessels.

There's the start of a maritime history museum, with a yard displaying a few old fishing boats.

One shipyard is still active: carving, planking and glueing as it's been done for centuries.  Work and worker in progress.
Stern detail.

While the ships may look traditional, the owner is not. These ships are going to someone in the UAE who's going to use them as personal pleasure craft. They'll get modern conveniences inside. The workers? Shipped in from India, including our home city of Chennai. A small, strange world.

A look at the harbor, a watch tower and an old ship.

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