Monday, 15 July 2013

Seeing Sur, Oman

Sur is an old harbor town, nestled along the Gulf of Oman in the Northeast corner of the country. It's small and laid back, a classic seaside settlement of old ship yards and lagoons. The oldest part of town is the most picturesque, complete with harbor views and a lighthouse.

The old harbor. The suspension bridge is a recent addition in ever-growing Oman.

Another view of the harbor, the lighthouse directing traffic. A typical old house in the Ayjah neighborhood, near the lighthouse.

A few of the next generation of Ayjah.

A surprising number of goats were wandering around. Fortified kid.

More old houses, with fantastic seaside views. Ahh, the Gulf life...


  1. We are moving to Oman with State this week and these posts have made me so excited! Your pictures are really terrific. Safe and happy travels :)

  2. So glad you're enjoying the posts. We were actually there last November and had a great time. You're going to have a great experience!

  3. Such gorgeous shots. The eyes on that goat look crazy orange!