Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Calendar Boy

James belongs to a social group that's casually labeled, "The Husbands of Chennai." It's comprised of husbands of US Foreign Service officers. They don't have dues, officers, meetings or activities beyond the occasional open-ended lunch. In the relatively new and great paradigm of more women in the Foreign Service, the little social club has fluctuated between roughly eight and 14 men, a great sign of employment equality (and a triumph for manly leisure!).

One productive activity the Husbands of Chennai do is a yearly calendar for charity. The theme for 2013 is an homage to Indian cinema, purely for fun.

Here's the cover.

And here are the months that include James.


  1. Oh my - the calendar sure has evolved from the first one! Very cool

  2. The Stolley clan is looking at this from Columbia, MD and Paul, Jo Ann and Dorie are cracking up. This captures the Indian cinema feel so well. James, you missed your calling as a Bollywood star. Now, we want to buy calendars. How do we do that?

    1. Alas, it was a limited run for charity and the calendars have been distributed. But if you ever see my mom, she has a copy!