Sunday, 6 January 2013

Tuk Tuks of Sri Lanka, Part 2

We just showed you the freedom tuk tuk drivers in Sri Lanka have to paint their chariots any color they want. What's to stop them from getting all personal with the details? Nothing. Time to get custom.

Don't like the standard issue bench seat? Find a car, grab a bucket and get transplanting. Re-cover means reinvent for the seats. Ever mindful of copyright infringement, this seat example has been creatively named, "Happy Dividson." It'll work, but the rough and tumble connotation is a tad tempered. The Rose Baby portrait on the left isn't helping the image, either.

For a front seat recover, go with an animal you love. Maybe the squirrel represents how quickly you can move the tuk tuk? Some sort of fiesta good luck charm hanging from the front - limes and peppers.

Tuk tuks are a bit fragile, especially the canopy top. If you're looking to macho the thing up, go shiny, go metal. Go with stars and metal rope or mount a tiny ladder to nowhere, as if you're suddenly driving an RV.


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