Saturday, 19 January 2013

Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi

Head to Old Delhi's main shopping road if you just can't get enough stimulation and moving mayhem. Part bazaar, part transportation route and all action, Chandni Chowk is absolutely never boring.

At the east end of the road, Delhi's mighty Red Fort in the background. Let the rickshaw race begin.

The usual old-new mash-up. The mattress man moving his wares by age-old people pedal power, while he's busy checking his cell phone. One of the impressive old structures along the road.

The card players.

A vendor hawking Kulfi, an Indian version of a popsicle. Roadside haircut. Can you find Sarah?

Men's public bathroom, emphasis on public.

Delhi bus, an homage to Robert Frank. Laborer and dog resting around sand bag cart.

As dusty as it gets, a barren field filled with boys playing cricket and hanging out.

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