Thursday, 17 January 2013

Luxurious Lunuganga

It's always nice to see where a famous architect lived, to get a peek at what styles he really liked. Sri Lanka's Geoffrey Bawa left behind a beautiful hideaway that we were lucky enough to visit, have tea and take in the laid back house and expansive gardens.

It was just a bungalow on a rubber tree plantation out in the sticks when Bawa bought the property in 1948, but over the years he expanded the house and gardens into a beautiful estate.

The front of the house features a recurring theme of his work, the play of light from one object (in this case, the trees) on another (the front lawn and house). Sublime.

A side door to nowhere, but nature. Going deeper into the garden, a hidden bench, available for a rest.

The hilltop lake view off the front lawn.

Clean interior, modern, but right for the tropics. One of his dogs understands the vibe.

Another dog taking the pulse of what's beyond the door. Stone features in the garden.

The backyard, looking much better than most front yards around the world.

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