Monday, 7 January 2013

The Glory of Galle, Sri Lanka

That's pronounced like "Gaul." It's a bustling city at the southern tip of Sri Lanka and within the modern metropolis sits a remarkably well-preserved, but still living old Dutch settlement section. There's the requisite fort and seaside ramparts, but there's also a whole community still living, going to school and working within the historic district. Think part French Quarter, part Key West.

One of the old government buildings at sunrise.

An arched gateway into the old town.  A romantic street corner. Squint to lose the palm trees and you could be in Italy.

Lovely and elaborate elephant carvings lining the exterior of a small Buddhist temple. The Dutch Reformed church.
Sri Lankan stupa still life with tuk tuk.

Little lane, enough room for a tuk tuk. The old cathedral, now the main Muslim mosque.

What's a seaside fort without a lighthouse?

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