Friday, 18 January 2013

Rabbit Requisition

All those rabbits around town (and India) are so cute, but can you actually buy one? Sure! You just need to know where the rabbit holes are. In Chennai, head for the old part of town, a shopping mecca of small streets and endless vendors. James took someone from the Consulate there and he left a proud Papa of a new Rabbit.

At the store, we were shown a little card of trashcan choices (as if there were any doubt what we were going to leave with). Just like a police lineup photo. "Yea, the one on the right, he's the guy."

Next stop, an upstairs room to check out the specimen. Everyone is so proud to be seen with Rabbit. Be nice to Rabbit or he could end up homeless in an alley, a cautionary tale we saw while shopping. So sad!

Time to get down to business, see who the pick of the litter is. A selection is made, all hail the new King Rabbit!

Onto a new home.....

1 comment:

  1. That card is a keeper and really does look like a line up! So where will the rabbit go? In the kitchen?