Sunday, 27 January 2013

Karim's Restaurant, Old Delhi

Any visit to the Jama Masjid has to include a short detour to the famous restaurant, Karim's. The place is a warren of separate dining rooms located off the main street south of the mosque. Kebab is a specialty as well as Mughlai cuisine. Go for the food and the action.

Where is it? Just look hard for the sign and then follow the arrow.

The confusing entrance. Karim's has taken over the lower floors of every building in the alley courtyard, you just need to pick which dining room line to stand in and hope it moves fast.

Grilling mince-meat kebabs and loading up on bread.
Pots full of stewed meat, ready to be heaped into bowls. A scrawny, but tasty tandoor chicken.

We shared a table with these fine gentlemen, the two on the left from Kabul visiting their friend.

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