Monday, 16 March 2015

Checking Out Tallinn's Old Town

Another Baltic country, another Old Town. Tallinn's throwback-ville has more of a medieval feel than Vilnius or Riga. While the Old Town feels more complete than the other Baltic capitals' versions, it also feels less like a real, living part of the overall city. Restaurants and boutiques, yes. Banks and places of commerce, not so much.

Cobblestones and colors, time for a stroll.

Heading in through one of the old gates of the city wall. The highlights, usually churches.

A peek through a courtyard gate.

Even in summer, when the sun refuses to shine, it's time to grab a fur throw. Pig planter box, trough reversed.

The impressive St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, home to Tallinn's Russian Orthodox faithful.

You can take a fantasyland tour from a blue train. Outside the old walls, ready to be a back lot for Game of Thrones.

A geometric jumble of a skyline.

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