Friday, 20 March 2015

Dog Sledding, Cruising After Lunch

For lunch: a little mushroom soup, a sandwich, hot cocoa and we're ready to mush some more. The sun is out and the scenery is beautiful.

Taking a little break, time for photo ops, human and canine.
Sarah, making fast friends with Cumpis, which, hey, means "friend" in Swedish. Heading into the woods.

The sun setting, heading toward camp. A fine day of sledding under our belt.

Nighttime entertainment? The Northern Lights. Don't get too jealous (OK, be jealous), photos make the Lights appear much more intense than what you actually witness, at least the night we were out gazing. And shivering.

Thanks to the birthday boy, Paul Cohn, for the Northern Lights photograph.

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  1. I am super jealous, but love living vicariously through your blog - what a cool and fun way to see Sweden and the lights!