Monday, 2 March 2015

Kamppi Chapel, Helsinki

Have metro fatigue? Need to find a little solace in the sea of shopping in Helsinki? The Social Services Department and the Helsinki Parish Union understand your need and have commissioned a fantastic space to help you out.

Like a calming spaceship that landed in 2012, the Kamppi Chapel sits serenely by itself in a plaza just outside one of Helsinki's busiest shopping malls. It's Lutheran by affiliation, but no organized services presently take place there. The chapel is open daily and free for anyone to come inside to get a little reflection time.

Who doesn't want to climb inside this beautiful wooden womb?

Views of the unassuming interior space.

Time to gather your thoughts in a calm environment.

More details, looks at the gentle curves and the clever use of light from the ceiling. Let the sun in.

There are cushions for those more inclined to recline. The Kamppi Chapel welcomes everyone and all ages.

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