Monday, 30 March 2015

Visiting The Ice Hotel In Jukkasjavi, Sweden

You know when you're dozing through the news in early winter and they roll out some silly feature, showing idiot folks hanging in some hotel made of ice? And you think, "They don't really build those things, who would go to such a place?"

They do!  We did!

Alas, we didn't stay, that's a whole other, expensive and masochistic operation. If that description fits you, read more here.

If not, enjoy the next few posts.

The Ice Hotel is a major operation, not just some jumbo igloos with a portalet. You sleep in a room of ice, but do everything else in various permanent buildings.

But we came to see ice. Lots of ice. The main entrance, proudly glowing.

Front door, all reindeer skins and horns. Locally sourced? Looking down the main hall. Hanging crystal, gleam on gleam.
Someone found a throne.

It's too hard to resist some ice carving, celebrating their 25th year and various people buying an ice brick for special messages. Nice to see appropriate contexts!

Back outside, what's the hump?

Up next, details of the rooms and features of the Ice Hotel.

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