Thursday, 19 March 2015

Dog Sledding, Day One

Or how I learned to stop worrying and love bouncing off a sled and getting face-planted in the snow. Apologies to Dr Strangelove. And Sarah Talalay.

All right, hot cocoa time is over, time to get outfitted and up on that sled. The sled busters crew, all smiles.

Gearing up. Who looks more worried, Sarah or the dogs? Mutually assured destruction ahead?

Off we go. "Mush, Sarah, mush!" For some reason, her dogs had some trouble figuring out the forward gear.

Out on the trail. Us, with the birthday boy. Freeloader dog. Our guide's border collie, enjoying the free transportation.

Sarah, looking good.

James, looking beardly. A few hours into mushing, a stop for lunch.

Not too soon for James' dogs. That's Nelson taking the full nap. Havoc has not been wreaked, the sled has been flipped on purpose, so the wily dogs don't run off with it.

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