Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Winterizing Helsinki

When winter comes to Helsinki (does it ever leave?), you'd better be ready. A person can add a layer, bundle up and put on boots, but what about the poor buildings?

A typical doorway (photo taken about midnight in June). What's that lump on the bottom step?

Hello brush. Hello major, heavy duty, wipe-the-winter-apocalypse-off-your-boots brush. They're everywhere in Helsinki, a regular down and dirty doorman.

Some brushes look like a lonely puppy, waiting patiently to come in.

Maybe balance the brush out with a little flora? Hey, what's up with the down spouts? Who threw trash down them?

Nobody did. Wire didn't wash down from the roof, it was placed in the pipe on purpose. The wires are heated, to act like a defroster so the spouts don't burst from ice buildup. You take one look at this set-up and think, "I don't want to be in Helsinki in the winter, they mean business."

If the pipes and brushes don't force away winter, leave it to these machines.

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