Monday, 23 March 2015

Dog Sledding, Day Two And Wrapping It Up

Where are we going? What are these dogs doing to us? Will it ever end? Too soon!

Up bright and early, time to head to the lake to fetch water. Under the wood cover is a hole in the ice. The pole is a heavy, mean ice pick. A future prop in a Coen brothers movie? Bucket for scooping. Scenery for appreciating.

Morning at the camp, no one stirring, especially the cold dogs.

Wait, there's a little movement in the high rent district. The memo must read, "Anywhere but in the dog house." Another tour group, hitting the trail.

Portrait of a musher.

Post finish line, time for the team photo. Posing with our fabulous guide, Mia and our mascot, Chili.

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