Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bienvenue à Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a seaside town located a few hours south of Chennai. It's notable for being a French settlement that still proudly wears its heritage today. The streets are Rues. The architecture is more French Quarter than mid-Mogul. Sarah and James took some friends there to roam the streets, eat at the cafes and soak up a little French culture. In India, who knew?

The main promenade, someday a bustling South Beach Ocean Drive, once re-development kicks in.

The old lighthouse on the promenade, a nice Deco landmark. Cycling down a typical street.

There's plenty of opportunity to get in on the ground floor of renewal. A decrepit hotel and typical side street building. From the Miami playbook: get a cheesey cop show and a bunch of fashion folk together and you'll have a hotspot.

The main church, nicely tanned in the sun. A postcard door.

Old letter box. A nice example of a building post-renovation. A little South Beach color laid on French design.

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